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    happy new year ! I would like to hear some opinions on the durability of seaarks boats. i am considering buying thier predator with the sportjet. i want to use it for hunting, fishing, mainly the big su, deshka,yentna, etc. i am not looking to jump beaver dams and bounce of boulders in whitewater.but i do need shallow running capabilities and some load carrying abilities also.thanks,john

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    Got a buddy who has a 22 foot AK version. Been running it up the goodpaster river about 60 miles for 4-5 yrs likes it well. It runs well and has good performance even with a resonable load.
    BUT, after riding in his and seeing what it will do,I intend to build a river boat which will haul a heavier load and maintain the Predators performance. I mean a Olde Towne Predator SS150 canoe can haul 1700 lbs. a Sea Ark Predator is rated for 1600 lbs.
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