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Thread: Electrical Problem?

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    Default Electrical Problem?

    Noticed the dashboard and headlight on my 1991 SkiDoo Cheyenne dimmed in brightness as I rode this weekend. At one point, I went over a bump and the headlight went out. Afterward, the dash light burned very bright. I rode awhile longer and noticed that my thumb warmer was hotter than normal.

    I replaced the headlamp and things seemed fine for awhile. Then the same problem repeated itself. The headlamp went out again, dash lamp brightened, and thumb started overheating. Eventually I had to disassemble the thumb warmer which so hot it started to melt! Then the dash light burned out too.

    Looking for any suggestions on what sort of problem/troubleshooting I might do. Thanks.

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    check your Voltage regulator.

    For a diagram on your sled

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    Ditto... sounds like the voltage regulator is shot. Don't test it, just replace it. They are cheap. Make sure you clean up the chassis ground connections for the regulator body also. They need a good ground connection to work.

    The regulator diverts any over voltage to ground, thereby keeping the voltage in the safe range for your electrical components. When it stops working, your lighting coil power output is going full force to the electical system. Did you notice a larger-than-normal variation in headlight brightness as you "goose" the throttle? That's due to the increased voltage output at higher rpms getting to the headlight rather than being supressed by the regulator.
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