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Thread: Preemption Of State Wildlife Law In Alaska

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    Default Preemption Of State Wildlife Law In Alaska

    Interesting reading from The Alaska Law Reveiw

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    Default Yep, interesting read

    Rick, thanks for the link. Good read on the fed vs state particulars.

    There was one paragraph in particular that I think is important for all hunters to really come to terms with, inre the possible negative trophic effects of widescale intensive management.

    One aspect I didn't see in the review though was mention that trapping is allowed in Preserves. And while trapping can't remove the number of wolves that aerial gunning can, for years it played a significant role in just keeping things in check in some areas. It's kinda ironic to me really...seems like a large part of our "problem" inre the perception of predators is that all across Alaska trapping has diminished as folks moved to the villages and urban areas, and now few have the time or inclination to go out trapping, and so we depend on the state to do what so many of us used to do. And now we do it on such a level that it is gonna have some pretty widespread effects on everything, from habitat to the social (crowding) nature of the hunt to those cascading trophic effects.

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    Good Lord, is there a Reader's Digest condensed version of this rigamaroll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKGUPPY View Post
    Good Lord, is there a Reader's Digest condensed version of this rigamaroll?
    You should know what happens when lawyers get involved.
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