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Thread: looking to get a used boat

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    Default looking to get a used boat

    Hey guys just looking for some advice. Ive been in Ak for awhile and I'm looking to get a jetboat this spring. I've had a lot of boating experience and have been on the rivers around here a few times. I live in fairbanks and want a boat to run on the rivers around the area. I would like something big enough to haul a moose and few guys around but I dont plan on breaking any speed records. Just wondering if you guys had advice on length and make of a boat that would be best to start out with. Id like to keep the price under $10,000.

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    For what you are looking for price wise, I'd keep a look out in the paper until you see something. Make it a ritual. Also in the spring the lemon lot on Ft. Wainwright gets quite a few boats on it.

    I know it's not much help but it's a start. Just keep your eyes peeled.
    We still have a few months so at least you'll have a head start.
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