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Thread: Alaska Bush Guides- Spring Brown bear hunt

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    Default Alaska Bush Guides- Spring Brown bear hunt

    Seeking any information on Alaska Bush Guides, operated by Chris Carr out of Dillingham,Ak. Has anyone used Chris and/or know him. Pls share you thoughts

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    emailed back and forth before i headed that way to work for some of his competition, he was cool, up front, honest and didn't try to steer me wrong, gotta respect a guide who don't slam everyone around him.
    small outfitt, local guy, i'm guessing he's got his ducks in a row from what i've seen. Plus, haven't heard bad stuff....thats a great sign!
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    Chris has a unique situation where he's situated as he lives up there in Portage Creek on the Nushagak year round...definitely a local, definitely knowledgeable and I think you will find hunting with him will be a really interesting experience with his wealth of year round knowledge of the area. Plus you would be supporting one of the few truly local guides. I have heard nothing to detract you from contacting him, good luck.

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    Default I Know Chris...

    hunted moose and bou with him a couple of times, if I was going after spring bear in that area I would give him a call. PM me with questions if you want more info.



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