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    Default Sept Silvers

    I arrive in Alaska on Sept 15th for about 2 weeks i am visiting Nome and Fairbanks area.I will travel to other area if it is a better chance of catching a silver.Also any tips on flys would be great.

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    Check out the info from ADF&G on fish the road system out of Nome

    You will miss the peak of the silver run but there should be some available.
    You may want to inquire about sea-run arctic char. There is no Silver fishing to speak of in the Fairbanks area except, 100 miles south, in the town of Delta Junction there is a run of Silvers in Delta-Clearwater Creek in October.

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    dunno if you're still viewing this or not but there is a silver run just south of nennana also. THey should be in by the time you arrive. (which is oh, about now LOL).

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    Default Hey Tradbow

    I like that name seeing how my name is Tradd "an unusual name" so nice to see Trad-bow name listed.


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    Delta Clearwater, near Delta Junction is really good this time of year. Also a hike in to the confluence of Julius and Clear Creeks, between Nenana and Clear AFS.


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