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Thread: Titanium Goat Tent/Stove Review

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    Default Titanium Goat Tent/Stove Review

    I just uploaded a Ti-Goat Tent and Stove Review to our Alaska Backcountry Hunters and Anglers website. Some have asked about using the Ti-Goat tent in winter, thought this would be a fair review for those who haven't tried one yet. It's a slick setup for mushing in that it's so compact and light. About to take the same tent/stove on a winter camping trip next week, to use on the night we aren't at the base wall-tent camp. Really is a two-person tent but we get three in there at just the right sleeping angles, though it's cramped. Fantastic fall hunting tent too. Anyway, here's the link:

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    Default Nice...

    Nice review Bushrat. Thanks for posting that. I was researching tents last year for a better tent to take on NW float trips in the Fall. I grew tired of my Kelty flapping in the wind on the first trip up that way. I read about this same tent on a backpacking website and I remember them being very impressed with it as well. Looks like an amazing product.
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    That review is what got me interested in the TiGoat.
    Probly not for everybody, but esp with their stove, it has been a light, versatile utility tent for us.

    Thanks for posting that review, bushrat.


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