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    Default Gun mount

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to mount my gun case to my Mountian Cat. I've seen some advise and pictures here in the past. Could some of you once again help with this? Thanks.

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    Default This is what I did.

    For what it is worth...

    I mounted my rifle using this set up...;jsessionid=ZCN2324UJ3OJDLAQBBICCONMCAEFCI WE?id=0028830224993a&type=product&cmCat=perf&rid=0 180101070502&xpid=k17401&cm_ven=Performics&cm_cat= Affiliate%2Dclick&cm_pla=Nextag&cm_ite=DDI%20Link& afsrc=1&_requestid=147935

    I put the mount on the back of my tunnel, on my fan cooled machine, not my liquid. Be very careful for your coolers. The tip of the barrel rides on my running boards behind my feet. It is out of my way, easy to get to, and doesn't get brushed.

    Hope it helps give you an idea.


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