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Thread: UNit 17 for Brown Bear

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    Default UNit 17 for Brown Bear

    Does anyone have any experience in unit 17 for Brown Bear. Is this a good area with high populations of Adult Bears? Logistically any problems and what about locals up and down the Nushgak?


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    Default PM Me...

    I'm heading out the door, but drop me a PM and I'll shoot you some info...I've hunted 17 out of both Dillingham and Iliamna several times since 2000.


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    Default bear #s

    f&g has said the #s are around 3000 for 17 and we see a lot of them,as for locals you don't have to worry about them here at portage seeing i am the only one,other villages have there ups and downs,most don't mind bear hunters and encourge those who hunt them.most of the land along the lower nush is native own and for the most part do not allow commercial guideing on them.the country can be tough and there is a lot of it.the avg size bear we take is 8ft.


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