I want to compare the .480 Ruger cartridge with the .454 Casull for power levels and felt recoil, specifically in Super RedHawk with 7.5" barrel.

I have read that the (felt) recoil of the 480 Ruger is around 33% less than the 454 Casull, but having only 15% less power (both using 300 grain bullets). Given that the internal ballistics factors of momentum, energy, velocity all depend on the pressure/time curve of the powder, I reason that it MUST BE the powder that makes the difference. Specifically, the burn rate inside the cartridge and barrel.

I figure the difference in the "sharp" felt recoil of the 454 Casull vs the "push" recoil of the 480 Ruger has got to be due to the 480 Ruger using a slower burning powder and having a more even acceleration of the bullet down the barrel. (I have seen those terms, "sharp" and "push" used in print many times to differentiate the relative (dis)comfort of the two cartridges.)

So, I reasoned that if I took the powder charge out of a 480 Ruger cartridge and put it behind the same weight bullet in a 454 Casull case, I should get the same pressure, burn rate, acceleration and thus, recoil as the 480 Ruger has. The case volumes are not THAT much different. Since the Casull cases are built to withstand higher pressures, I figured that would be safe.

I thought of this while I was in a local gun shop and voiced it out loud. I thought the guys behind the counter would have a collective heart attack! They thought it dangerous and foolish to load an unknown powder into a case and fire it. I can understand a little hesitation about reloading outside the boundaries found in the loading manuals (especially where you don't actually know what the powder is where the ammo manufacturer does not share the powder formula with the public).

Any thoughts?

Anybody tried this (or read about) a similar experiment?

Anybody with a 480 Ruger willing to do a side-by-side comparison with same-weight bullets and identical powders to (sanctioned by a legitimate loader's handbook) attempt to compare the felt recoil? (I am currently buying a Super Redhawk in 454 Casull with a 7.5 inch barrel.