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    I want to rebarrel a winchester 70 classic action in 7mm rem. mag. Are any modifications needed to the action to convert it to a .416 taylor? The bolt face should be fine but not sure about the feed ramp and rails. I am feeling the need for a thumper.

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    I would think it would work just fine. I converted a Sako A-V rifle in 7mm Rem to a 416 Taylor. I did nothing else to the rifle just sent it to Shilen to rebarrel and it fed all my loads with ease. The M70 will feed smoother with the ramp and the claw extractor polished to remove burrs etc but that would be the case with any caliber. If you've used it as a seven it should be fine. If you use the blunt nose bullets such as Woodleighs, the ramp will need to be very smooth. The shoulder diameter and the length (except 300 WM) of the short belted mags are all the same so the follower should be ok.

    That is a very good caliber and a sensible conversion. If you buy new 458 WM cases and run them through the 416 Taylor sizing die, that's it. You're good to go, just fill with powder and sit a bullet on it. RL-15 is likely the best powder for it you might try Varget as well. Good luck with it, a good conversion. Yeah, it is a thumper!
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    Thanks for the info. I shoot a .375 H&H without any trouble. I hope the .416 doesn't kick my butt!

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    I known several people who did this conversion. They were all happy and said no feeding issues ever surfaced. Just required the barrel work. But I would take a serious look at what ever stock you are using to see if it requires reinforcement. I would certaintly suggest a good glass bedding job, removing a small amount of wood behind the tang, and a steel rod imbedded down the wrist.
    This caliber is bascially equal to the .416 remington in terms of power and it will kick! Hornady makes dies for it for about $65 and if you wish to purchase brass with the proper head stamp they can be bought as well (but pricey). I did a similar conversion about 30 years ago when I had a Rem 700 rebarreled from 7mm mag to 375 Taylor (.338 necked up to .375) I actually surpassed standard H&H data and my 300 grain old style Noslers (the ones turned on the lathe) were averaging 2,600 fps out of a 22 inch barrel. It feed and ejected like hot butter. But now since Ruger has there own 375 the 375 Taylor would not make much sense.
    But I wonder if you would gain anything going to the 375 Ruger necked up to 416? Interestng idea and I am sure someone has done it by now but dies would probably cost a small fortune.

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    "need for a thumper" usually indicates an inclination to poke something that may bite, claw, gore, or in some manner pummel your anatomy in an unforgiving manner. With that in mind it might be a good idea to consider replacing the extractor with an after market replacement. People who have had similar inclinations have often used the one produced by the Williams Firearms Co. Good luck and shoot straight.


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