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Thread: Lower Jet unit 65 Merc on a 85hp motor???

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    Question Lower Jet unit 65 Merc on a 85hp motor???

    I have a lower jet unit from a 65 Merc in good condition. The engine is blown. I have a 85 hp Merc with good compression low hours etc. but the Jet doesn't fit on to it. Does any one know of a adapter plate which may get these 2 together? I'd like to hit the local rivers this summer with the kids with out having to get a new $7k motor.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions via email at


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    I don't think you are going to find any way to make this happen. Even if you had a custom adapter plate made, I think you would have problems.

    I'm not an expert but I would think.........

    That your 85hp power head would suck more water than it can spit out of the nozzle at your optimal rpm and would cavitate. I could be wrong though. I'm pretty sure you couldn't run it all out.

    I would also think that you would have a hard time getting the reverse gate to move out of the way after you put in reverse. More than likely you would have to turn the motor off so the gate would lower to continue forward.

    Hope I'm wrong and you can get on the river with your family.

    By the way what year is your blown 65hp? I'm looking for a starter.
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