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Thread: Route Staked Susitna/Yentna

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    Default Route Staked Susitna/Yentna

    I spoke with one of the Lower Susitna Drainage Association (LSDA) trail groomers yesterday. He said that he had now staked the entire route leading from the Deshka Landing to the Yentna Roadhouse. He also said it was in pretty good shape. He said the swamp trails were pretty well tore up and real bumpy, so having this river route is a big deal for those wanting to drag sleds or freight.

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    I flew over yesterday and it looked like all the normal openwater spots were there. I did notice just south of the Kroto Slough shortcut that you may have to cut back into the main chanel of the Su. I couldn't see the yentna but I would assume that moose creek overflow section is also there? I plan on going up maybe friday so looking for a little input.

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    Default sat ride

    myself and a couple buddies of mine are going to run up to my property at fish lake creek on sat. will post a report sat nite

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    I was told a machiner went in just downstream of deshka landing (last week I think). Theres spots there that are almost always running open and fast so pay attention to where you are and stay on the main trail especially if youre not familiar with the area!!!


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