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Thread: Jeep Cherokee stuck on Powerline Pass trail

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    Default Jeep Cherokee stuck on Powerline Pass trail

    Anybody see that Jeep stuck out on the trail? Hate to be in that guy's shoe's.

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    have you get some pictures?
    being stuck in some trail wasn't cool.

    the way you's just the way you are
    cross country skiing is a skiing terms I hate.

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    Default Haven't heard any more information on this...

    Morons like the ones getting stuck back there should automatically have to pay the full cost of recovery, repair of the trail (regrooming or rut repair), and lose their vehicles.

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    I happened to be coming back from a hike late one night and noticed the Cherokee in the parking lot with windows busted out, flat tire, snow packed into every nook and cranny. A few minutes later a tow truck pulled into the parking lot and then the owner of the Jeep. Turns out the Jeep had been stolen and taken for a joy ride, which came to an abrupt end on the trail. Unfortunately it seems like these thieves rarely get caught or have to pay restitution.


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