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Thread: pike through the ice

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    Default pike through the ice

    I have a week off with nothin to do I was thinking of taking a road trip im on the kenai and was thinking of going for some pike somewhere up in the valley or even further if I have too. Can anyone suggest a lake that is hike in accessable that i might be able to get some pike. I dont have a snow machine just a truck and my legs. Was also planning to bring the old shot gun for some possible ptarmagin hunting any suggestions? Like I said I have a week off and I need to get off the couch been ice fishin around here doing pretty well but lookin for a change of scenery and maybe something a little different. Also got a ecaller for xmas and might bring that along to see if I can get a yote.
    Thanks for any ideas

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    Default Nancy Lake has pike

    There are pike in Nancy lake. it's slower fishing than the other lakes like flathorn, redshirt, figure 8, but access is super easy. park at the campground and walk 50-100 yards. use whole herring or half. 2 lines only per angler, unlike most other 5 line pike lakes. fish in 5-15' of water. the picture was taken 1 week ago. tip-up is 20" end to end. largest so far is 34". had one straighten my swivel the other day. wish I could have seen that one
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    I saw a BRUISER in there last spring. HUGE. WALL HANGER!!! Use heavy gear.

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    Default huuuge!!!

    Like I posted on an earlier thread: I know for a fact 2 summers ago a 19lbs pike was caught out of that lake.


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