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Thread: Alpine Lake Hunts POW/Misty Fjords

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    Default Alpine Lake Hunts POW/Misty Fjords

    Anyone have any info and leads to help one plan a DIY hunt for Deer/Bear in the POW or Misty Fjods area. Would like to get away from the Forest Service Cabins and camp out on a remote alpine lake in fall.

    Wondering if this high up in fall is condusive to Bear hunting as it is to Deer hunting. Would it be better to concentrate on some of the lower elevation streams for the Bears instead of up high. Can you be placed in the best of both worlds for Bear/Deer?

    Also how have the winter kills been in these aresa on the Deer populations


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    I would spend my time and money/effort hunting on POW. There is lots of great bear hunting along the coastal areas on the east side of the island (southern end). I took a 7' 6" 465 Lbs bear there a while back. As for deer I have had great succes all over POW. Misty Fjords lacks the deer population I believe you are interested in. I left all my topo's at work when I get back to the hangar I will try to remember to PM you with some specifics.


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