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    Default bowhunting education course

    I have only been in alaska for a couple of years, but I would really like to participate in some of the bowhunting only hunts here. I have done some bowhunting in utah, and here in alaska in areas that are not "bow only" seasons. I live in Soldotna, and would like to know how, when, where I can take the bow hunter eduction course. I appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks.

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    best bet is to call into your local or the anchorage FG office, they'll either have contacts for you, or dates and times. If you cannot find that, I can get some info from the interior coordinator as for contacts......Keep me posted.

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    Default Certification courses in Anchorage

    Here is a link to the certification courses coming up in Anchorage. If you are outside of Anchorage, call your local Fish and Game office to find the schedule for that area.


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