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Thread: A New Gun Made In The Usa

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    Default A New Gun Made In The USA

    I was in MVS today and a guy told me about the new marlin bolt action rifle. I think they are going to be offered in 25-06, .270 and something else. It is called the XL-7. I think the picture showed a stainless with a camo synthetic stock. I just looked at the marlin website and there in not much info on them. A brief description pops and says it has a pro trigger system. Looks like the savage accutrigger kinda. The guy at MVS said it supposed to be $325 new. Their website shows a gun briefly but it blued with the camo stock. So hopefully in the new year there will be more info. Just wondering if you guys know more about it.
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    Default New Marlin XL7

    Do a search on the web- lots of information including pictures, specs, pricing etc.

    If it competes with the Remington line AND Remington is indeed buying Marlin it won't be on the market very long!

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    Default New Marlin

    I have a friend who works for a wholesaler. He said they are supposed to be very accurate out of the box. They have a barrel nut like Savages which should allow you to change your own barrel, if you have a barrel wrench and head space gages. The magazine is a blind magazine so it only loads from the top. The factory rep said they sent one to a gun writer that shot 1/2" out of the box, and he was allowed to use a less accurate one. It only shot 5/8" out of the box. Supposedly Marlin hired ex Savage and Remington engineers to colaborate with Marlin engineers to create an accurate rifle that has a low price tag. I think they also have it in 30-06. They will start with long actions. If it is successful they will add short actions later.


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