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Thread: macgregor 26 Any experianced users

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    Default macgregor 26 Any experianced users

    We are looking for something for the sound an want to upgrade from the 18' Zodiac. I have sailed a bit, but we would be using it mostly for gunk holing around PWS in the summer.

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    We, too, are considering the Macgregor 26M. It seems like a nice way to explore with less cost, possibly more fun with the sailing/motoring option. We're wondering about the durability, dingy do-ability, PWS suitability, safety issues... anybody out there have comments on the boat?

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    The boats certainly look interesting. I can't help be mystified by a couple points. The first being the sales price, the second being the 22mph claim with just a 50hp engine. I'd be leery of both.

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    Trolling off Iron Doors last August and here goes this sail boat cruising by at speed. Bit of a strange sight with the mast cruising along like that. He was at the ramp when I got in and gave him a shout out for just for the plain cool factor. In our short exchange he said the hull sailed moderately well and he enjoyed the fact he could get up and go. Did not notice what was in the motor well. Memory says he came out of Valdez so maybe call the harbor master over there and inquire. They went out of their way to help me out over the phone years ago when I was boat shopping.

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    Default 22MPH w/ 50HP

    is possible empty boat.
    Most of the folks that cruise with them either are't in a hurry or put bigger outboards on them.
    I have found a macgregor board since posting here and am picking up a lot of info.

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    Default MacGregor Power Sailboat 26M

    I have not seen much response to this boat.
    I am ready to put down a deposit for one.
    Please, tell me this boat will work in Alaska lakes and PWS.
    I feel it is a 50/50 chance. Either I am going love this boat or it is a big mistake. I have been researching for months and have read every post and site in the WWW on the 26M. Sounds like it will work for me.
    But I'm afraid if it doesn't my wife will divorce me. (and SHE would probably get the boat).

    Pre-Buyers Remorse,


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