Just got back from shooting my new CZ550FS in 30-06. I also brought my new style Ruger Ranch Rifle in .223. The Ruger has been a truck rifle since I got it this summer.

The CZ550FS fit and finish is superb. Wood is above average with a fair amount of figure. Checkering is much better than on my CZ Safari, it is sharp and straight. I adjusted the trigger to 3lbs and left the already light set trigger where it was. I mounted a Leupold VX-III 2.5-8 in Lynx (formely of S. Africa) matte steel QD type rings. The Lynx rings are very nice with a more traditional, Redfield/Leupold type ring (vs. the Talley/Warne vertical ring split) but with finger tabs for quick release. The finger tabs can be adjusted to the same position by adding or removing some of the peel washers in the locking assembly.

I shot 50 rds of 180 grain Speer spitzers over 56.0 grains of IMR 4350. All groups averaged sub-moa at 100 yards. I then moved on to the 200 and 300 yard 8"x8" gong targets and almost got tired of hitting them over and over and over..... Not a single miss on the gongs.

The factory iron sights were spot on at 50 yards so I left them alone. The Lynx rings offered a complete return to zero.

All in all a very nice full stock rifle that flies to the shoulder and carries very well. I looked at the 9.3x62 but wanted to stick with a more traditional, readily available cartridge.

The improved Ruger Mini14 was purchased as a plinker/truck rifle. After reading Bart Skelton's article on the new improvements I decided I wanted to give a plain jane, blued/birch .223 variant a try. Mine is a Walmart special.

I mounted a Weaver 2-7 in the factory supplied rings. I had already adjusted the improved, better protected, iron sights for M193 ball ammo.

The new Ruger was printing 3 shot groups of M193 that were smaller than a thumbprint at 100 yards. It also never failed to ring the gongs at 200 and 300 yards. This was a pleasant suprise compared to my old factory folding stock SS Mini14 (ala The A Team....) which was sub-minute-of-coyote at best.

All in all a very good day to spend at the range.