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Thread: Flying up to hunt

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    Default Flying up to hunt

    I am planing on flying up in my plane to hunt [moose] next year. I have done 3 drop camp hunts for moose in the 90's but this will be the first with my own plane
    I have been trying to research spots to fly in to to hunt.
    I know no one is going to talk about their "spot" but was wondering if anyone could help out a little.

    About my plane.
    950 emp wt 1650 gross
    4 hour fuel @ 100mph
    Stol along the supercub lines
    I have 900 hours in this plane .
    I have been looking at unit 20 but am open to your ideas?
    Do any of you know any thing about hunting pressure and landable bars a long the Little delta river?
    Thanks in advance and Ill undestand if no one wants to talk abut hunting areas.

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    Default little delta

    mostly military land, some impact areas. some hoops to jump through to hunt the areas that sometimes are open. alot of the areas don't ever open because that's where the bombing and strafing goes on. Landable areas in there if you are proficient with 500' loaded. Can be done but call Eielson AFB biologists and get the scoop. You will need to attend a class from them to access that area probably. My .02

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    Default litle delta

    Ak hunt
    Thanks for the reply I had already sent for info on Ft. Greely.
    500 ft. is sure do able for plane.


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