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Thread: Ultrasonic Cleaners for guns

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    Default Ultrasonic Cleaners for guns

    While chemical gun cleaners - esp. bore cleaners - have their place I've found nothing beats an ultrasonic cleaner for guns and reloading.

    An ultrasonic cleaner has the unique property of cleaning all wetted services including blind holes and deep crevices like the inside of bolt bodies. Ultrasonic cleaners will also remove rust and powder stains from stainless steel without noticeably damaging the surface.

    When I buy a new or used gun I plan to use in cold weather I dis-assemble the gun and ultrasonically clean it off all grease and oil. Then I lube it with sythentic oils and grease and re-assemble it.

    For cleaning deprimed fired cases for relaoding an ultrasonic cleaner will clean the entire case including the primer pockets and flash hole - but that is another topic.

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    You just have to be careful not to use an ultrasonic cleaner on an aluminum gun, like and AR-15, because it can cause damage to the weapon. For steel they are great.

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    Thumbs up Cleans Brass

    Cleans reloading Brass very well......50% Vinigar and water and tad of liquid dish soap.

    and my wife rings


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