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Thread: Ice Fishing Help....

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    Default Ice Fishing Help....

    I am a photo journalist from the UK and am going to be in Alaska, Homer and Anchorage, the first week of February. I would love to go ice fishing and also take some ice fishing photo's.

    Can anyone help??



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    Default Ice fishing can be slow...

    - Are you sure you really want to stand and wait for someone to catch a fish?
    - Will you have good cold weather gear?
    - Will you be licensed, and fishing yourself?
    - Are you Ameriphobic as are many Europeans these days?

    Shoot me a PM. I live in Soldotna, which is between Anchorage and Homer, but is closer to Homer (74 miles). There is no real opportunity to ice fish in Homer, which is part of the reason I moved further north. I, and my two sons (and occasionally my wife), go ice fishing nearly every weekend when the weather is decent and the ice is trustworthy. Sometimes we catch a bunch; other times we just freeze our butts off.

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    I live in Palmer about an hour drive north of Anchorage and as long as your sure you want too go I'd be happy too have you along. February can be slow fishing and cold. Drop me a PM
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    Default fishing help

    I too am a photographer. I will offer my assistance with your endeavor for ice fishing photos. I live in Anchorage and would be happy to have you along.

    Let me know.



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