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    Went out to a little ice fishing spot and dide quite well for a few hours of fishing with my dad. Im glad to be back from oregon for a while, the crappie and perch were fun and tasty but to small for me! Alaska has spoiled me for sure.

    The big laker is 5.5 lbs and 23.5 inches.

    I only keep a few lakers a year because I know they are a slow growing critter. I just love a good baked laker!

    I guess it is true you are what you eat. Im a southwestern oregon laker

    Anyways I cought the two biggest fish, the rainbow and a burbot. My dad cought two lakers a burbot and several other fish.

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    Nice catch. What were your tactics and bait or lures?

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    Nice winter fish stoke. Cant wait for spring.

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    Well I always use a sweedish pimple with a chunk of herring for lakers. i jig slow and smooth so i can feel the bite on the way down. I sometimes use a whole herring and point it down like the herring is swimming into the bottom. At night its all about the glow in the dark spoons or grubs.

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    These were cought at long lake in about 50 feet of water.


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