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Thread: Maxi Ball over Pellets??

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    Question Maxi Ball over Pellets??

    I have been out of the BP world for over eight years and things have changed a lot since then. My wife gave me a T/C Triumph for Christmas and I am all excited about my old hobby.
    The sabot bullets shoot great but boy they can run you into a lot of money. I have a couple hundred old maxi-balls sitting around and my wife gave me a box of the pellets. I thought I had read somewhere that you cannot shoot lead bullets over the pellets. Does anyone know if this is true and why?

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    Plain, they won't work, but it's an easy fix. Put a lubed felt wad between the pellets and the base of the bullet and you're fine. Of course the Maxi's have to be lubed too, but I'm assuming they already are. Just be aware that most lubes including Wonderlube break down with time, so I'd be a little concerned that eight year old Maxis might have to be relubed. Some guys wrap their maxis in teflon tape (the same stuff you get at the hardware store for pipe joints) rather than lube with reportedly great results, but I haven't tried it.

    One big down side of the pellets is that often the most accurate load falls somewhere between the combos possible with pellets. Also, in a humid climate be sure to close the pellet box between uses and store it in a ziploc bag with all the air squeezed out. I had great luck with Pyro pellets for the first couple of weeks in a Knight using concentional #11 caps, but after that ignition became really eratic. Less of a problem if you're using 209's or musket caps, but still worthwhile to take the ziploc precaution.


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