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Thread: Hunting/Sporting pants for the vertically gifted

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    Default Hunting/Sporting pants for the vertically gifted

    This is kind of related to the sitka pants thread. Does anyone know of any good hunting/sporting pants with long inseams? My inseam is 36" and all of the hunting pants I have seen run 34" at most while most run 32". I could care less if they are camo and would prefer that they be weather resistant and good all-around pants.


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    Beyond will make pants or jackets to your specs. so they will have your size.

    beware their stuff is a little on the heavy side and pricey.

    hope your pants stay up.
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    Cabela's sells "Legacy Wool" (washable) wool pants . I have a pair with "Dri-Plus" that are great in the rain or snow of northern Maine. They will hem them to 35 1/2" (wool) and 34 1/2 ( wool + dri-plus). I always buy my hunting pants a couple inches short - to wear with rubber packs, etc. I love them, they're great in the woods... warm, quiet, and dry! One thing, the waist tends to run small, so get the next size up if you want room for extra layers on clothes.

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    Default Pants

    Cabela's Microtex hunting pants. They come in several camo patterns, soft, quiet, and they breathe and dry out fast. Mine came about 40" inseam,(un-hemmed) then you just specify what inseam you want, and they cut them and sew them to your size. About $55. They are cut real generous, so I don't have any trouble wearing long johns under mine.

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    Thumbs up Microtex pants

    I have the microtex pants and like them in the cooler temps..
    Even the uninsulated get a little warm. Nice to have the dry plus to shed the light water. Not bad for the $$

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    Default not sure if you seen the Sport Hill threads

    I have posted on those recently. I used to be a 36" inseam when I was younger. Still am on certain jeans brands. But I like the costco jeans in 33x34. They don't drag on the foor and they fit nice. The sport hill pants in large long say for a 34 or shorter inseam but are plenty long. They cover the boots good but are not way long to where they drag in the mud and such. They are weather resistant, shed rain and snow pretty good and wind proof to 35mph. The pants and jacket fit nice. I am still exstatic about them because I found hunting clothes that fit and don't have to wear the cloths made a for 300# man to get the lengths I need. The crotch fits nice, no baggie excess fabric and it is 4 way stretch. Once broke in and washed they feel like pajamas. But man the stuff is warm and when I layer up it doesn't get bulky when I use all synthetic layers and are slim fitting. Just love all my new clothes. I had a thread a while back, Survivor man. Will bring it back up once I get my bear back. Hope that helps a little anyways. I feel your pain man.


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