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    Default rm764 zone 7

    Just wondering if somebody can tell about where the southern boundary ends. I got the map but we all know how vague they make things. Just wondering if anybody has been seeing any moose down that way thanks.

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    Default Southern Boundary of Zone #7

    The southern boundary of Zone #7 basically starts shortly after the bridge of the Nenana river about 5 miles north of Cantwell. There are moose in there but its all AHTNA land on either side of the road up until the next Nenana river bridge crossing just before the Denali National Park. So you can't really just hunt off the road in there cause you are not allowed to hunt on AHTNA land.

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    Default rm764 zone 7

    what about the zone 3 area any decent hunting along it or has it been hunted pretty hard already. I dont understand alaska sometimes says i can hunt there in zone 7 but dont say anything about natives owning the land.


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