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    Default '08 Fishing trip

    I have been trying to put together a fishing trip for the summer '08 with my dad for the past couple of months. As noted on this site in other posts, this is difficult to do from out of state when you do not know the area, which guides are best, ... So, I am loooking for input from this group-

    I would like to do a trip where we can fish for sockeye & kings in the river and also do a day or two halibut / salmon trip. I am looking for something somewhat remote (do not desire combat fishing the Kenai) but do not want to spend $$$$$ for multiple plane trips. I was looking at Kodiak island and thought it looked to offer the combination I am looking for. I have read that you can fish off the road on Kodiak- does that mean that there a tons of people there? Is a guide still needed for sockeye there? Places to stay where can fish rivers at cabin & close to charter for salt water trip? Any other areas recommended for what we are looking for in a trip. I am wanting to try to keep the cost under $3000/person for a 6-7 day trip (outside of our initial airfare into a major airport (i.e. Anchorage). I do not need gourmet meals, nice lodge, ...

    Thanks in advance for you input-

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    Kodiak sounds like a good spot. There will be people fishing with you on the road system but not like on the Kenai. There are lots of salt water charters around and plenty of resonable lodges. I found reds to be easy to catch but kings, well if you haven't fished kor them before I would reccomend a guide for at least the first day to get a feel for the technique. It took me 40+ hours to catch my first king, given I had no instruction or help. Good luck and enjoy.
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    Kodiak would be an awesome place and a location that a lot of Alaskans haven't even gotten to visit. I also sent you a PM, if coming north near Denali NP might be an option. - Alaskan Wilderness Fishing & Rafting

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    Default Keep the Kenai as an option...

    We've been coming to AK for 10 yrs now (have our own place) in Sterling. Last year was the best year I've had for fishing reds/sockeyes out in our neighborhood. I too considered a dash to Kodiak for reds, kings, halibut, but we saved the money and got all the fish we needed (reds, halibut, and even a couple of kings on our own on the Kenai/Cook Inlet; a 1st for us). We didn't fish in "combat" conditions once during 3 weeks, we just searched a little for "casual" fishing conditions and I have to say some of the nicest people I've met in Alaska have been fellow bank fishermen. Granted we have our own boat should we choose to explore & king fish, but 75% of all the reds we caught were less than 5 minutes from our place, right off the highway, without use of the boat. It was great!! It is a dream of mine to get to Kodiak to fish and see the place, but last year taught me that being in the right place at the right time is the key to Alaska (or anywhere) fishing, and you don't have to travel to exotic locales to find fish. Nowhere will you find any fish "guarantee", I believe the best chances for reds & kings (in my very limited opinion) are on the Kenai river, due to the possible sheer numbers of fish. We focus our 3 week window between the last 2 weeks of July and 1st week of August (kings closed then, but the reds are often caught well into August and lots of folks have left the area). Look for posts on this site by Shawn Gornall; he's got lots of info for Kodiak as he lives there. If & when I get to Kodiak, I'm going fishing with him. Please don't hesitate to go to Kodiak or elsewhere, I'm just relaying my personal experience with Peninsula fishing.
    Good luck!
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