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Thread: Need a press for the big boys?

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    Default Need a press for the big boys?

    I was in GNG in Anchorage today and they have a couple of RCBS Ammo Master II's on sale for $219.95.
    I bought one and they still had a couple left. If you are tired pinching your fingers like I am when loading up the long action rounds like 375 H&H, 458 Lott, 9,3x74R, 416 RM etc then you should give this press a close look. It will even load the 50 BMG's but I think you need to buy a kit.
    Anyhow, just wanted to pass on a great deal if anyone is interested.

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    Default 50 BMG conversion

    Just a follow-up. You do need a 50BMG "adaptor kit which I believe GNG has, or you can buy the ammomaster set up for 50BMG. That press really is great for the larger magnum cases, too.


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