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Thread: wind power ?

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    Question wind power ?

    Does anyone use wind generators, either at a cabin or at home? how well do they work etc.? any advise?

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    Kodiak Is.

    Thumbs up Air 403

    I have a couple of Air 403`s at my place on Kodiak Is. I got them because they are relitivly cheap for the output. The down side is they are noisey because of the high rpm but they really put out the juice.

    I have both the Air x and standard older model. I think the AirX is a lot more tolerable but it makes static on the AM radio.
    I think if I were to start over I would go with the 24v or 48v system so the chargers could be further from the house with smaller wire leads. Mine is mounted on the roof and drives my wife crazy in high winds.
    Had em for 5 years with only a couple problems. The warranty and service has been outstanding from the manufacturer

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    Thumbs up Whisper 200

    Glad it's you who installed the wind turbine on the house and not me

    I had a Whisper 200 installed and am real happy with it, provides 1000 Watts at 28 mph. It sits on a 80 foot "tower", that goes up easy. Had it for two years, and performs flawlessly. Feeds directly into my battery bank.

    Bought it through in Anchorage.

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