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Thread: dispatching furbearers.

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    Default dispatching furbearers.

    How does one properly dispatch a coyote, mink ect if caught on a foothold? I have used a 22 on coyote but still am looking for a way to save valubale fur.
    Thanks in Advance

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    When I trapped as a kid, I knocked the animal over the bridge of the nose which knocked them out, then I rub their chest with my foot which broke the arteries to the heart. No bullet hole, just a nice easy kill.

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    For lynx tie a snare to a long pole and catch them by the neck and cinch it down tight. They die really fast this way and it won't mess the fur up. Sometimes you have to dance a little with them, especially if the trap chain is a little long.


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    ensure body is in line with head and shoot in forehead with 22 short or cb cap. No exit hole and one tiny entry hole.
    I had a raccoon come to life on my back as a kid when I used my trowel and boot on the chest like posted above. I changed tactics as that was self-critiquing.
    It work most of the time though!

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    Default Another vote for 22 short

    I agree with the previous post. For me personally, I like to dispatch the animal as quickly, cleanly and ethically as possible. If this means a small 22 hole in the head I don't mind (hard to see once tanned). I carry 22 shorts for fox, coyotes, etc. and 22LR for wolverines and wolves.

    Just my two cents...

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    shoot it in the eye with a .22 short. Gets it done with no exit hole

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    .22 works fine with minimal fur damage, just make sure to clean it up really good with snow and such. I was thinking when I get back to juneau a bludgeon to the head from a 55# bow should do the trick
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    Thumbs up Ruger Bearcat

    What a great little piece to pack for finishing off an ol' yote that just won't die. Remington Golden Bullet solids (non hollow point).


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