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Thread: Black Bear Hunting on POW

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    Default Black Bear Hunting on POW

    I am planning on taking my daughter (11) to POW for her 1st black bear hunt. I was planning on flying to Ketchican and taking the farry to the island and then renting a truck to get to some hunting areas.

    Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated. I am planning an early May hunt for 7 days.

    Thank You

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    Default Flying Services

    You might want to check with one or more of the flying services in Ketchikan. Flying gets you to better hunting areas and isn't all that expensive.

    Also, don't go too early in May - it might be too cold for the bears to be out. I would consider starting around May 8 or so.

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    Default RDM Pilot/Guide

    I am not sure what your budget is like, but if you can afford it, give Ryan a call at RDM. They are awesome to work with. Here is the link to his site.
    If the posted prices are out of your budget range, I would not rule Ryan out, without giving him a call and talking to him 1st. They are awesome people. I am sure you can find many post about RDM on this site and all that I have read reflect my experience with them as well. I have used RDM on two seperate ocassions.

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    Default Thanks

    I appreciate the input. I will make some calls


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    I brought my 11 year old to POW last June. Selfish father that I am, I was after a bear, some fishing and one on one time with her. We had a ball but she had a tough time keeping quite on bear hunts, plus I stink at bear hunting. We spent most of our time fishing and saw one bear. There's no doubt in my mind that we would have seen many, many more bears if we would have taken it seriously.

    We stayed at Clowar's in Thorne Bay, I can't say enough good things about them or their place, equipment ,etc. All excellent and worth every penny.

    One thing with an 11 year old is making sure their comfortable enough. My girl's tough but I don't know if she'd like a week in a tent or not. However, I'll bet RDM would be a great service if you're both after bear and she's game for tenting it. I want to use RDM if I go back and focus on bear.

    No matter how you do it, you'll have a blast. We fished fresh and salt water (took a LONG time for this Montana stream fisherman to figure out big water), caught and ate crabs, saw whales, seals, sea lions and generally had a great time.


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