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Thread: Pet Health Insurance

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    Question Pet Health Insurance

    After we registered our puppy with AKC, we started getting emails soliciting for pet health insurance (AKC affiliated). I once looked at pet health insurance (a couple years ago) and wasn't able to find a company that offered insurance in Alaska. I'm curious if anyone has found a good company that offers coverage for AK at reasonable rates? I currently drop several hundred a year on the vet's counter for routine stuff, so if some of that can be diverted to a health insurance plan that offers both preventative and emergency medical coverage, I would be all for it.
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    When I got my lab almost a year ago now I knew that the vet bills would add up and I looked into VPI pet insurance. Since having them I have had the lab at the emergency vet for foxtails and just basic vet visits and I have to say I am totally impressed with VPI. I think I pay 30 something dollars a month for the premium package they offer. With VPI you have to pay the vet up front and then fax your claim form and receipt and then they reimburst you a certain percentage of the bill. They have all the things they cover online and the percentages they cover. I havent really looked around for other insurance so I cant be any help in that area but I am satisfied with VPI and I think you would be also. Their web address is


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