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    Not to hijack the other battery thread, but where can I get an education on cabin battery set ups?

    I'm building a cabin in town in Talkeetna. Knowing that there are power outages in town, I was planning on getting one of these to keep the toyo going during an outage. The average outage tends to be about 5 hours.

    I figure when the powers out, as long as I'm warm, I can read with a headlamp and be just fine until the power is restored.

    I don't have any place inside the cabin for batteries, but I've got a crawlspace that has plenty of room. What concerns should I have with the batteries located there?

    I'd planned on venting outside.

    Keeping the batteries protected from the cold, is one thing I haven't figured out yet. It will be an insulated crawl space.



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    Navigate around this site for solar and wind info. Since you're primarily on the grid you may be better off just getting a small generator and isolating your heater circuit so you can run it off the gennie when the power goes out. One of the newer Yamaha or Honda 1000w generators will run your Toyo and a reading lamp all night on a gallon of gas. And you'll find other uses for it, too.

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    Default Stove Sentry

    I have used a stove sentry hooked up to a 8D 12 volt battery. I was not impressed with its operation. I agree with Mr Pidd for about the same $$ you can get a small gas generator. I got the Honda 2000 inverter type

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    Thanks! Just the kind of info I needed.


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