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Thread: building codes/laws and tips???

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    Default building codes/laws and tips???

    Hello all, i have figured out a little more of what im looking for but am ready for the next little part. I am going for a framed cabin/home instead of a pre fab cabin as price will be cheaper and i will be able to do it my self. I have a multitude of questions on everything but i will start here. I have located the building codes here. how do i get blueprints with all of this info for local building. Do i have to get permits for building in fairbanks?

    my other question is what should i look at for foundations for a 24x24 cabin with a loft and deck? i know there are a bunch of other posts on a lot of this stuff but i want location specific and where else i can go to read. i picked up other books on the subject of framing and electrical and stuff but none of them on alaska building. thanks

    and i apologize for the rookie questions but im excited about the process and do not know where to start. haha Vance Johnson
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    If you plan to go through the building department have a drafter draw up the plans and then pay a structural engineer to review and stamp the drawings. It is not the only way but it is realitivly in expensive and effective.
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    Default Building Permits?

    Unless you are building within city limits, there are no mandatory permits or codes imposed by municipalities. Once you get down into the Mat-Su Borough things might change, but north of the Alaska Range Fairbanks is the only municipality with permit/code requirements. If you're going for a mortgage, talk to the bank. Mine directed me to the link you had posted. Keep in mind you must follow DEC requirements for wells, septics, outhouses, underground storage tanks, etc.

    Foundations: Really depends on site conditions. I've found post on pad to be best in permafrost areas, but that's just my experience. I've no experience with conventional foundations up here.


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