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    Ok, this is going to expose me as a really inexperienced hunter, but I'm desperate. I plan on hunting with my jet boat on the Yukon (from Eagle) in September for moose. I plant to go downriver, maybe 90 miles. Do I have to put in for that hunt and is it too late?
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    Smile Check the unit maps first

    Go to the ADFG website and find which unit is 90 down river of Eagle. Check the regulations for that unit and determine if you will be satisfied with the hunting options. If not you'll have to figure what special permits are being issued for that unit and there are maps for that as well.

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    Don't quote me on this, but I think there is a registration hunt there. If I remember right, you can get the permit in Eagle.

    One thing I would warn you about though, is that going down river on the Yukon in a jet boat is a piece of cake...going back up river is a beast, especially if you are loaded. I would make sure to either, bring a LOT of fuel, cache some fuel, or have a back up plan of going to Circle.

    As mentioned earlier, check the fact, bring them with you!

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    Default units

    I have the units printed from the fish and game website. Most of the places such as unit 25D just say "one bull" and the dates, like September 5 through 25 or something like that. If it say's "harvest", then it's just a normal moose tag? If it says CM001 then it's a permit?
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    Yes, "Harvest" means regular moose tag. A hunt preceeded by a hunt number would be a drawing or registration hunt.
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