Planning on going down to the river later today to fish for smelt. I have a homemade fishing stick about 12" long made out of a willow branch that a beaver cleaned the bark off of, beaver sticks really work great since they are already seasoned. I usually tie on about 20' of 10lb fishing line. When I was younger I used to see some Elders using smelt hooks made from walrus ivory. Younger generation used to make lures from the tine of a fork. Back in those days you didn't see very many smelt lures on the village store shelves, so people made their own. I still see a lot of homemade lures being used both for smelt and trout fishing, most people tie a small piece of red or orange yarn to one of the hooks to attract the fish, pretty effective method. I like to use a very small orange or red head jig usually 1/8 oz with a white rubber grub. Smelt can't resist this setup. I found out that super glue works great for keeping the grub on the shank longer, smelt just tear the heck out of these jigs. Sometimes we would catch tomcod, whitefish and an occassional dolly varden. All are great eating panfried.