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Thread: Wannigan floating cabins

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    Default Wannigan floating cabins

    Anyone have any experience with these guys? If so would you recommend it?

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    Default Wannigan floating cabins

    What do you need to know?

    Take your question off

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    ya know:

    That website doesn't say where these things (wannigans) are; I even had a fanatic fishing friend who went out to one and sent me a somewhat odd report (coming from him) that the trip was "great but not his favorite". He didn't elaborate as to why, didn't say exactly where he was, but the pictures were mostly scenery, not fish. He went in July, which is not when I go and, I suspect, not where I go, in the Cordova area.... so.....hard to compare.

    I'm sure from the pictures from my buddy's report that it was the same place as on this website, but I don't know where that is; I think the wannigan people go to the fish shows; I'm pretty sure I have met them there, and I have a feeling the wannigans are in mainland bays a short distance north of Cordova, but maybe somewhere else.

    Theirs is a different marketing location map, no river name, nothing (most everyone else say exactly where on what river, etc.). It could be some great secret fishing spot or, maybe not. I just don't know.

    Eyakman may know the scoop on this. The relevant questions are probably

    a) is the fishing any good?
    b) where the heck is/are the wannigan(s)?

    It's come up before on this forum over the years. Just not answered.

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    Default Wannigan


    I am interested in experiences you may have had with them or someone you know. Most importantly, how was the fishing?
    The ad says they position the wannigan in the mouth of some river in Prince William Sound. Sounds like they look at where the fish are and move the wannigan to that location. That sounds pretty good if its true.

    Also is you have some first, or even second hand experience with this outfit, give me a scouting report. How was the service? Were you satisfied? Would you go back? Money well spent? etc, etc.

    Thanks a bunch.


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