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    Whats a good foothold set for foxes on kodiak?
    merry christmas and thanks for any info.

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    I hear that many guys use snares here. Not really sure. Maybe one of the more experienced members will speak up.

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    I prefer to always use snares ever since I have lived in AK for canines. I find a trail that stands out and is one of those when the critter comes through next time I will have him. I usually/ideally never say well if he comes through, they are always a sure bet. The snares are easier to keep human scnet off and they are lighter therefore youy can carry more and I can set one faster than a foothold.

    If you just want to set foothold I would probably do a simple pee post or a blind set. Layer the bottom with a sheet of wax paper so the trap doesn't freeze and cover the top with another piece then just fluff some snow back over it. The most important thing in this is trap placement. I usually do every one different on different due to the area its set in. I mentally picture the critter coming in to mark his territory and place the trap or traps in front and or offset. Honsetly I could go on and on but, the ATA has an awesome Wolf trapping book/dvd that will help on your foxes even though they are primarily for wolf trapping. Best of luck!!


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