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Thread: Dolly's through the ice

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    Default Dolly's through the ice

    I am wanting to try for Dolly Varden through the ice. I live north valley. What depth do they hang at this time of year. They prefer eggs to herring?
    I have tip-ups and ice rods.
    I went out today and punched a bunch of holes on a lake supposedly very good for varden. I saw nothing on the scope and nothing bit at any depth.
    Please advise of techniques!!!!!

    ciao y'all.....


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    Try some artificial lures that have movement to them, like the soft body minnow types. Try fishing in 15-25 feet of water and jig.

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    Default read this, there is alot of good info in these logs which should be able to help you catch some fish. Big lake has dollies or arctic char whatever you want to call them, there is no bait allowed in the winter and only single hook artificial lures can be used. there are also burbot,rainbows and pike along with others. hope this helps.

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    i used to fish big lake all the time when bait was allowed.
    that said i used to drive out and drill two holes next to the truck and jig 5 min. and move to the next point or ice house and drill 2 more. do that about 5 or 6 different spots and then i would start circling. i used a 1 oz dardeval red and white. sit in truck and jig till you hook one. have a 30x16.5 on the wall to show for it. good luck

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    Default Big char

    Is that a 30 inch 16 pounder? If so that is nearing the record for that lake. I believe it's 17.8lbs or something. My biggest from that lake was 27 inches 7 lbs.

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    I have also heard and seen pictures of people using 000 herring flashers on lakes for Char as well. Pound the bottom a few times and reel up a few feet and wait and then slowly jig. You can also pull up and let it drift back towards the bottom, I have caught a lot of fish on the drift down, more of a natural presentation as it sinks.

    Good luck


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