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Thread: question for karelian owners

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    Default question for karelian owners

    I've been interested in Karelian Bear Dogs for some time, and have a question for owners of these dogs. How far out do they naturally range? I know this is addressed through training, but do they have a natural inclination to range out 300 or 400 yards and check back in every so often, do they stay closer, or do they take off after the first scent and stay gone? Once again, I know this can be addressed through training, but some breeds naturally stay close and some don't.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default kbd's

    Hi there...

    KBD's will range differently depending on their personality, age, nature of season and habitat, excercise regime, and whether they are intact or not.

    I have a 7 year old male that I've had since he was a pup... neutered at 7 months... he's had more adventures independently than I have had in his company... sometime I wish I could mount a camera on his head (and GPS tracker) just to see where he goes all the time.

    He typically ranges for awhile and checks on my progress from afar... though when I decide to turn back he will often come following me shortly thereafter... sometimes taking longer than expected.

    most KBD owners I know very rarely take their dogs off-lead; I've been quite selective with mine when and where I let him run. They are highly intelligent and can out-fox the even the smartest of foxes...

    all in all, a very captivating and impressive breed of animal.

    hope this helps.

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    We kept 3 in extreme NW MOntana and I would not own them again. I think there are better breeds. We lived in a large wilderness area that was a grizzly habitat and learned that Fish and Game were using them to discourage problem bears from returning. They are persistent dogs and I can see how they would AGGRIVATE a bear into never coming back. That being said, they killed my geese and ducks and stayed gone for long periods. I eventually had to confine them but they are such high energy dogs I hated it. Had to find homes for them as they just didn't work for me. My Brazilian Mastiff is a keeper but not good if you have much company coming over. They don't like strangers. At all.

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    Default thanks

    Thanks to both of you for the replies. While Karelians intrigue me, I've just about rejected the idea in favor of going with another bird dog or retriever.


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