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Thread: Pickeled Fish Recipe

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    Default Pickeled Fish Recipe

    Does anyone have any pickeled fish recipes they would share? I would love to try to pickle some herring or salmon.

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    Default Hey!

    I was gonna ask the same thing! My wife requested that I make some like a friend from Homer used to make. I was thinking of posting a request on the Pantry forum.

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    Here is a recipe from the internet, it is very similiar to mine, but I can't find mine right now.

    Honest Bob's Pickled Pike(From an Old Poacher's recipe)

    Six pounds fish fillets
    Vinegar to cover, (plus one quart vinegar or white Port wine)
    Two-thirds cup salt
    Two-and-a-half cups sugar
    Two tablespoons pickling spice, in spice bag (or tied into a cloth)
    Sliced onions

    Put six pounds fish fillets into glass bowl. Cover with two-thirds cup salt and mix. Cover with white vinegar. Put in refrigerator. Stir each day, for seven days. Then pour off liquid and rinse fish.

    Two-and-a-half cups sugar
    One quart white vinegar or white Port wine, in any combination that suits your buds
    Two tablespoons pickling spice in spice bag

    Boil brine for five minutes. Set aside until cool. Remove spice bag.

    Pack fish in layers in jars, alternating with sliced onions. Pour cool brine over fish and onions. Keep in refrigerator. Next day, eat your fill, share with your fishing friends and refrigerate the rest. It gets better after a few days. Makes about 12 pints.

    Here is the link where I got the recipe, hope this helps:


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