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Thread: The old guy is spot on!!!

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    Default The old guy is spot on!!!

    This arcticle is by Sidney Huntinton. He seem right on the $$$ in my opinion.

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    Wow. Really well written article by a guy who has seen it all with regards to Alaska. I should save it to quote when responding to antihunters. Thanks for sharing the article. I hope/wish the ADN would pick it up also.
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    Default Must read

    I am agreeing with sock eater!

    Everyone should read this!

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    Default bit of disagreement before hitting the trapline

    I gotta run and hit the trapline today, long day ahead as trail is blown in. Just wanted to briefly voice a bit of disagreement on what was a good op-ed by Sidney.

    The notion that villagers can no longer afford to trap really gets under my skin. I live remote and trap with dogs. There is a long-time trapper over the range west of me who traps with dogs and snowgo. A couple of fly-in trappers work the hills to the south on snowgos. When guys like Huntington reinforce this notion that villagers can not afford to trap, it just allows many villagers to continue to wallow in self-pity and lethargy until the prevailing mindset is that the state must do everything for them. We recently chartered a Helio from Fbks to fly out a load of dog food and some generator gas. You don't want to know what the dog food and gas end up costing by the time it gets here. Can't afford to trap? Pshaw. If people who depend on moose and/or caribou think there are too many wolves eating their subsistence supply of meat, then just why they are not out there trapping has little to do with not being able to "afford" to trap and everything to do with something else. I hope those of you who liked this op-ed recognize this one fatal flaw in his argument and where it leads if it continues to prevail.

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    Default agree with you there Mark..

    with no disrespect to Sidney, I agree, that it is up to the subsistence users to play a role in predator management. My partner and I for many years, never made money trapping, fact it cost us, but we were out there trying to catch as many wolves as we could to help the moose. There is too much of the "lets rely on the govt" attitude in the villages today. A prime example was the village of Marshall and how they got the pub when the wolves came into town. I know how I would have dealt with it. Surely wouldn't have wanted help from any agency. And like the people around Fairbanks, take care of the problem. Too often now days the problem is pushed on to someone else. I can't afford the price of gas anymore than the next guy, but I fill up my tank and go just because I know I am doing the right thing by helping myself.


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