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Thread: Bear collisions

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    Default Bear collisions

    I was just reading the newest NAHC magazine and they had an article about bears vs. vehicle accidents in Montana. 6 grizz and 30 black bears for the year!! I've never heard of anyone ever hitting a bear with their vehicle. Even after 10 years driving around Cantwell and everyday to school in Healy and work at DNP, I only saw one actually cross the road in front of me and it was bookin it! Anyone have any experiences like this?

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    Default Here is one of those six grizz

    Here's a couple pics of atleast one grizz. I also read a couple years ago on the glen highway a guy hit a bear on a motorcycle.
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    Thats a big bear, I remember a gal hit a bear on Hiland rd last spring or was it 05.

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    I almost hit a LITTLE black bear driving through BC (Cassair Hwy) several years ago in the middle of the night but he was trying to find an opening in the brush and jumped at the first chance he got. I see them, but not ON the road.

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    I do quite a bit of travelong across the state, and this is not that rare. I saw a big blackie get hit on the Glenn right in front of the power plant a couple of years ago. It ran in front of a delivery truck and got hit.That was a good 6 1/2' bear.

    I came upon an old man just north of Trapper Creek that had just struck and killed a smaller black bear. It did some good damage to his smal car, and scared that old man to death. I thought he was going to have a stroke, but he finally calmed down when I assured him the bear was dead.

    I saw another one hit down near Cooper Landing last fall. Another guy hit one close to the Russian River ferry on his motorcycle.

    So yes, it does happen more often that you would think.
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    I was driving on the denali hwy this and a bear ran right out in font of me, almost hit it. It ran down the road in front of my car going 30mph or so until I backed off and It ran off the side. I definitely could have hit it.

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    Talking "Just the bear facts, ma'm"

    I hit a bear with a patrol car in Oregon a number of years ago. It was a near sideswipe that left an unpleasant purple stain down about half the left side of the car. The bear rolled *** over teakettle and took off running. It was the only such bear "accident" known to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawken54 View Post
    I saw another one hit down near Cooper Landing last fall. Another guy hit one close to the Russian River ferry on his motorcycle.
    Now that would scare the $*(@ out of me! Especially if the dang thing wasn't dead! Would it get up and run off or go after you or your bike? I'd play dead and hope the bike looked tasty! HAHA

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    Wink "Schooled Turnagain Bears"

    Two of the school buses, that serve Girdwood school, had a close call last fall. They were returning to the Anchorage bus terminal, when a sow and her two cubs decided to cross the highway in front of them. The first bus braked as hard as possible when the driver saw the bears. The sow stopped in the road in front of the bus. When the bus finally came to a stop, it was only about 2 feet from hitting the sow head on. The sow then turned and ran across the road. The second bus, Just a couple of minutes behind the first one, came along and with the warning over the radio was moving well below the speed limit. The cubs came up to the side of the road and the driver slowed to a stop. The cubs just sat there so the driver started moving again. After the bus passed the sow appeared on her side of the road and the cubs crossed. The drivers said it was as if the first bus scared mom enough that she learned to wait for the second "large twinkie" to pass before calling her kids to follow her.

    ps: the driver of the first bus has lived in this state for 4 years and until this incident had never seen a live bear in person.

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    Default near miss

    I had a sow run out in front of my little subaru south of Talkeetna last summer. I hit the brakes and ust as I got parallel with her, the cub ran out into the road. By this time she had wheeled about. I had a bear on each side as I slid through between them. How I missed them I know not! It sure was interesting for a minute though!



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