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Thread: What about Bear archery bows ?

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    Default What about Bear archery bows ?

    Buying a bow i sweden is expensive. The Bear-bows are some of the most reasonable (ca 750 USD) for a Instinct-bow. But how are they compared with a bow like Mathews Switchback (1200 USD).
    Will I buy a bad bow if I choose the Bear archery-bow ? We do only have like 4-5 archeryshops in sweden and not so many hunters/shooters. It is difficult to get some god advices. Thank You- johan

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    Bear Archery has been around since the dawn of time. Fred Bear built bear archery and his quality is still part of that company. Even though they are not the most expensive bows on the market, like the venerable 30-30, more big game animals have probably become table fare due to a bear bow than any other bow on the market. They are proven bows and if you can test fire one and like the way it feels and shoots then it will fit your needs. Most archery shops have some bows of different brands and styles that you can test fire before purchasing. Find the bow that feels good, shoots good and fits you and you have found a good bow to hunt with, regardless of the brand.


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