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Thread: 8mm Remington magnum-Heavy Loads

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    Smile 8mm Remington magnum-Heavy Loads

    I just inherited a Model 700 8mm Remington Mag from my Dad and want to work up a good heavy load for hunting elk, moose, bear and other big critters. I've found one load on "Reloaders Nest" that suggests a Barnes triple Shock or Swift A-FRAME 220 grain bullet behind 85 grains of IMR 7828 for a muzzle velocity of 3000 fps. I just wondered if anyone has had any experience with this caliber and bullet loading? Merry Christmas...don't forget the reason for the season!
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    Used to have a metric caliber thing going (just to be different). Since I was a huge 7mm fan, 8mm was the logical next step up. The only bullet I would handload at the time was the Partition; held off getting the big 8, until Nosler made an 8mm Partition. Loaded for a Remington custom shop 700 KS w/24" barrel. Only shot 200s though. 200 gr NP, 86 gr RL 22 @ 3200 fps. I do believe that is max load. Got to love that case capacity and achieved excellent accuracy with that combo from the bench. Never punched much but paper, and moved on up in calibers, because it seemed like the thing to do. No longer have the big 8, in fact got a 325WSM just to shoot up all the left over NPs. I wouln't have hesitated to use the 8mmRM w/200NPs on any game in North America. Truth be told, I didn't hesitate to use the 7mmRM w/175 NPs. Timber Smith takes no responsibility for any result using this load.

    Silvertip, sorry wasn't any help with the 220s. I'm sure someone with more experience will chime in.
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    Default Hornady

    Hornady makes a couple of bullet weights for the 8mm, if memory serves me right. I would get a copy of the Hornady reloading manuals and check out their loads, since Hornady seems to be on the cutting edge of bullet technology you can probably get some good data from them.

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    Default Sounds hot

    You can check for some tested loads, although nothing replaces a good manual.

    Nothing shown there maxes out a 220 grain bullet from the 8 mag faster than 2845 fps.

    I'd definitely approach a 220 grain 8 mag load suggesting 3000 fps very carefully, working up from a tested load (published by somebody who had to worry about liability) and watching/measuring carefully for pressure signs.

    I've never loaded for the 8 mag, but trying to throw a heavy-for-caliber bullet 150-200 fps above the max loads Hogdon gets would make me nervous in most any caliber.

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    IRT 8mm Rem Mag
    I shot a caribou with the 185gr PSP Rem factory load, seemed to blood shot the meat on the side it went in on...

    I loaded some 250 GR old style barnes and lots of H870. shot well enough but was like cleaning maple syrup out of the bore..., never did shoot anything with it.

    Settled on the 200's Noslers, but still no game shot with it though...

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    Default 8mm Remington Magnum

    I had a friend who used to own one. I think I remember the equation cor-rectly, 8mm Remington mag=Grizzly bear death. It punched large holes in large critters. It was also hard on that flap of skin above his eyeball. He liked hot rounds too, for awhile that is, and then it got old. His eight is now a 7mm STW. It's still hard on elk--but easy on the eyeball. He used to find hotter loads in older reloading manuals.


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