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Thread: Bowhunter Certification Course

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    Default Bowhunter Certification Course

    Anyone know of an alternative course to the ADF&G course? The course is rarely offered in Kodiak. It seems the other places offer the classes throughout the year whereas Kodiak holds one maybe once a year.
    I will be in Anchorage for a week next month and looking for possible options(ADF&G course not open at that time). Anyone know of any alternatives that are readily available?

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    Call Hunter Ed. on Raspberry Road in Anchorage. But be warned, it is he Christmas season and many people are on vacation. Ask for Maggie L. or Gail V. They should be able to help you out.

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    dont come up this way as we dont shoot in the winter time....Fairbanks that is.

    You may also try the valley or the penninsula areas.......You may be able to get a class up and running, as they may have a list of people already waiting.


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