I had a 1500 lb come-along....100 dollar investment.Had a pole going over my pump house and was hooked off to it,pulling my well pump.(approx 300 lbs with 1" galv. pipe)146'.Instead of using a strap around the pole and hooking to a shackle, I wrapped the come-along cable and hooked to itself...I should have known better.Was lowering the new pump, and was about 20' from the bottom when all hell broke loose.Cable snapped, and safety(pulling cable ) went by me at what seemed like 100 mph, and could have very well took my head off.Had a rough time, but managed to hook the 1" pipe and pull out the pump...again, then went fishing for a come-along...that took about 1/2 hr.It could have been alot worse than it was.If your good judgement trys to tell you something (I knew better)...don't question it as I did.GR