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Thread: New Remington Model 98s

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    Default New Remington Model 98s

    I saw on the Midway web page that they are finally advertising the Remington Model 98 mauser style barreled actions. Has anyone actually seen one of these? If I recall correctly they showed up in the Remington catalog this year and that they are actually made by someone overseas. I don't recall all the styles offered but a nice stainless long action M98 sporter would be neat.

    I also saw that Midway was offereing M700 actions only. I don't know if they are actions that Midway pulled the barrels from or if Remington is actually selling the bare actions. The difference is in the legal aspects - if you make a pistol from a action that has never had a rifle barrel on it you are making a pistol; if the action has had a rifle barrel fitted to it you are making a short barreled rifle. Hence the lack of many actions only we would like to be avaliable to build pistols on.

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    The Rem 98s are the same 98 type actions that were previously imported by Charles Daily for much less money. They are made in the Balkan States.
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    Default Remington 598...Zastava/Mark X/Charles Daly...

    The 598 and 599 are the same as the Chas Daly's, and the Mark X's before that. Remington designed stock that is butt-ugly, and poorly fitted that I can see, but still a step up from the Butler Creek monstrosities that were on the Daly's that my boys and I picked up.
    They're shooters, function flawlessly, with the single exception of the trigger...I cleaned mine up, made some minor adjustments, and now it will not hold adjustment. It gets to the point where you can cock the bolt, engage the safety, pull the trigger, then release the safety and the rifle fires without touching the trigger. Remington lost a LOT of money awhile back in lawsuits over this happening with the 700 triggers...yeah, I know, I screwed with it, and make no claim against Daly, but it's something you should know...

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    I think the Remington 98ers are made by Zastava.


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