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    Has Anyone Run Upstream On The Yukon At The Bridge?i`m Wondering How Fast The Current Is.

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    Default Yukon current

    The Yukon, in Alaska, is generally class I all the way. Because of the size of the river I'm usually more concerned about wind than current. If you can hug the shore, going upstream, the current is from 2 to 5 mph. Out in the main flow it is from 4 to 7 mph. When you get out of the canyon, above the bridge, it really gets braided and the current varies a lot, but usually won't exceed 7 mph and when it does you can see it and avoid it if you want. I try to run close to shore on the upstream trip and out in the main current coming down. I hope this helps.

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    I do not know the speed of the current but for years I ran up and down river from the bridge. I ran a small boat with a 35 hp honda jet and I would run the banks to save on fuel and get there faster. I now have a boat with a motor that is three times the hp and I still run the banks going upstream. Old habits die hard. When I do this I can cut fifteen min off my time and save some fuel.


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